Transnational Cooperation

Aisapari supports transnational cooparation

Leader Aisapari can help with the project planning and partner search.
Transnational cooperation plays an important role in the Leader program. It is utilized to improve cooperation between European rural areas and to strengthen the vitality of the area.

When planning a transnational Leader project, one should contact Leader Aisapari as early in the process as possible because there are some requirements that all transnational projects need to meet.

We also help with finding the right EU project funding program for you.

Transnational cooperation and Aisapari's development strategy

Supporting and promoting transnational cooperation is a part of Aisapari’s Merkki Päällä local development strategy for 2014-2020. We take local actors’ needs and resources into account when we plan transnational cooperation projects and activities.
Our goal is that local actors would learn to utilize the different resources available for transnational cooperation, find new cooperation partners and learn new skills from which they could benefit. Transnational cooperation also provides an opportunity for the local actors to promote and share their skills and knowhow.

Transnational cooperation also utilizes international contacts that the local businesses, associations and municipalities already have. Our goal is also to encourage young people to get more international experience through cooperation. Transnational cooperation can be a part of pretty much any kind of project.

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