Municipalities and villages

Kuva kylätapahtumasta, naisia juttelemassa ja yksi kävelee puujaloilla

Ideas grow through cooperation

Municipalities and villages are core actors in rural development. Municipal development strategies emphasize the importance of cooperation, and villages constantly come up with new ways to improve their services and living environment. The local village associations are active and innovative.

Local people know what they want and how to reach those goals. Municipalities and villages both come up with new project ideas and actively apply for project funding. Their projects offer new opportunities to realize their ideas and dreams.
We are happy to help if you have a project idea or any questions!

Planning and hardworking people

Good team spirit and active people are the best assets to local development. Villages have many strengths and the long distances to city centers encourage people to improve their living environment.

Innovative people are the heart of an active village. Volunteer work and helpful neighbors are the cornerstone of a successful village community and everyone gets to be involved in making their village as attractive and safe as possible.

There are also buildings and other spaces in the villages that can be used to host all kinds of gatherings and events.

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