Entrepreneurs keep the wheels turning

Local businesses provide jobs and services and maintain the area’s vitality in many ways. There are over 5000 businesses in Aisapari’s operational area. Aisapari supports the development of new and already existing businesses.

Business funding has an impact

Rural areas need new businesses but it’s just as important to support the already existing ones and encourage them to develop and improve their services. In 2014-2020, 25 new businesses started operating in the area and over 50 new jobs were created with the help of Leader funding. Around 100 businesses have applied for project funding and 50 development projects were implemented during that same six-year period. Around 2 million euros have been used to support local businesses and the businesses have also used over 6 million euros of their own money for their development. The local businesses that took part in the projects increased their revenue by 34%.
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