Associations and communities

A wide network of actors

There are hundreds of communities, associations and other actors in Aisapari’s operational area and they organize training, leisure activities and other opportunities for the local people. The associations are a part of our everyday life in many ways: they help, provide information, create a sense of community and organize activities.
Communities and associations also provide services and maintain the attractiveness and vitality of the area by organizing activities and by offering a place for people to spend time together. Local associations can contact Aisapari and apply for project funding: contact us if you need help with the application process!

Project funding for development and investments

Aisapari can help if you or your organisation wish to develop and improve your area, the local services or the local culture and nature sites. We provide funding for development and investment projects. You can find more information about the application process on our website or you can contact our staff. The projects should follow Aisapari’s local development strategy and the Rural development program for Mainland Finland. Therefore, applicants should familiarize themselves with the strategies when planning the project.
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